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Where is my tracking number?

Our online order system is open 24 hours a day - Seven days a week!  You can find important information about your order all in one place! Before making the call, simply "Log in" to your Online Storefront. 

Step 1

Once you log in "roll over" your name and click on "Order History & Status"

Log In Screen

Step 2

In the "Order History & Status" menu, simply locate the order number you need tracking status on and click on the order number.

Order History & Status

Step 3

After clicking on the order, simply scroll down to the "Shipment Details" section. To the right of each order you will find the "Tracking Number" link.  Click on the link for updated tracking information.


Step 4

After clicking on the link, your browser will open with the current tracking status of your order.

What could possibly delay my order?

We know our customers need their orders as fast as possible. We do everything we can do make sure your order ships on time. There are some cases in which a delay in your order can occur

Here are a few examples of what can delay your order.

Order gets submitted with artwork which is below our specific requirements. Typically we notify you when your art is not print ready. Most notifications are sent via the email address assigned to your online account. Please be sure to check your email within 24 hours of placing your order in case there is any art concern. If we don’t hear back, this will delay your order. Your production schedule begins when the art is finalized.

Weather can delay your order. We ship via UPS, FedEX and USPS. If any shipper announces a weather delay, you can expect your order to also be delayed. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is beyond our control.

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