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Preparing your

Artwork with Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop images will require a few steps before uploading to the 613 Originals online order system. Please follow these steps to ensure your screen-printed heat transfers come out perfect.


Begin with proper page setup!

  1. Name your art file
  2. Size your Artboard to one of our (4) page options.  In this example 9” x 12.75” 
  3. Resolution should not be less than 300 pixels/inch
  4. Color Mode: CMYK Color
  5. Background Contents - Set to Transparent Background 
  6. Pixel Aspect Ratio - Set to Square Pixels


Confirm your Page Size before placing or creating your artwork.

  1. Select “Image” from the drop down menu
  2. Select Canvas Size

The Canvas Size window will open.  You can change the Artboard or “Canvas Size” from this window.


Place your image on the Artboard. Be sure to select “Place Embed”

Once you have your image placed you can adjust the art size.  Be sure the art is no larger than your “Canvas” or Artboard.


Under the “Image” drop-down menu, select “Trim”.

Select “Transparent Pixels” under the Trim Menu.  Select under “Trim Away” the Top, Bottom, Left & Right. Then Click OK.


Now under the “Image” menu go to the “Canvas Size” to confirm the final print size of your artwork.


The “Canvas Size” will now show the Width & Height of your resized artwork. Be sure you have “inches” selected for both dimensions.  Do not size in Pixels!


Now it is time to save your sized CMYK artwork. Go to the file menu and select “Save As” from the drop down.


Select “Photoshop PDF”


Under Format, select the Photoshop PDF from the drop-down menu and click “Save”. Be sure you have the “check boxes” selected such as “as copy”, Layers, Embed color Profile, and Thumbnail.


Your final art is now Ready to be uploaded to fit on our 9” x 12.75” Unlimited Color Sheet.  The final print size will be 10.197” wide x 8.043” tall. The image should be centered in the preview area.


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