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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

 Here is a quick reference to the most frequently asked questions from our customers!


What is the turnaround time after I submit my custom transfer order?      
Our standard turn time for most products/programs is 2 business days. However, our 1 color .15 and .20 cent programs offer a fast, next business day ship. Please note, all orders must be placed before 3:00pm EST.  More information can be found by clicking this link!      
Where do I find my Tracking number?      
Your tracking number can be found once your order has shipped.  Simply log in to your account and select the order you wish.  Click on the order number and then navigate to the shipping / tracking number.  If your order has shipped, there will be a tracking number. More information can be found by clicking this link!      
I need a Quote, where can I find the price list?      
There is no need for a price quotation as all pricing in clearly found under each program or ink formula. Simply click on the product and scroll down to the "Pricing" section near the bottom of the page.  Tagless Labels are the only product which requires a custom quote based on the size and quantity of the label.      
Why don't I see the image I uploaded when placing my order?      
By default, our preview area is colored with a white background.  If you upload an image which is colored in white, you will not be able to see it. We suggest adding or creating a black or contrasting color background and label it as non-printing background color.  For one color artwork, you can simply make the color black and then choose your ink color.  We understand this may be an inconvenience and are building a new site to address this issue.      
How do I confirm the size I ordered is correct?      
It is important that you check the size of your artwork BEFORE YOU UPLOAD IT. We do not check or verify sizes are correct after you place your order.  If you would like us to check the size of your artwork, you can request 1 complimentary size check from our sales team.      
What type of heat transfers are offered from only offers screen-printed heat transfers.  Our transfers are made using Plastisol Inks.  We do not make digital heat transfers or vinyl cut transfers of any kind.      
I need an ink color which is not offered as a stock ink. Can I request a custom ink color?      
Yes, some of our Gang Sheet programs offer the use of custom inks. We ask that you supply a Pantone number from the Pantone Solid Coated book. There is an additional charge for each color on each order.       
Can I Rush or Expedite my Order?      
We offer very fast turn around times.  Once your order is placed, it is scheduled.  We can not change or cancel orders once the order is placed.  We may be able to upgrade the shipping method after the order is placed for an extra charge. Please contact our support team with any shipping modification request.      
What's the difference between Varsity Formula and Classic Formula?      
Varsity Formula inks will work on 100% Polyester Fabric.  Classic Formula will not work on 100% Polyester.      
What is the difference between the 15¢ Varsity formula transfer and the 25¢ Vintage formula?      
The 15¢ Varsity formula will print and adhere to 100% polyester, 50/50 or 100% cotton fabric and contains a dye blocking additive. The 15¢ Varsity will be opaque on most dark colors. The 25¢ vintage formula will only apply to 100% cotton and 50/50 fabrics and does not contain any dye blocking additive.  Vintage formula may be less opaque on dark colors.      
Does guarantee the transfers to work on any printable item?      
Our transfer programs are geared to work best on specific products. We suggest you test the transfer first on products your not familiar with.  Due to the variances in materials available, we cannot guarantee the transfers to print on everything and anything.      
What type of artwork files can be uploaded?      
We recommend using .pdf, .psd .eps or .ai when creating your artwork.  You can upload .pdf, .psd, .eps, .jpg, .png, or .tif files.  SVG files or any other file types will not be able to be uploaded when placing your order.       
Why don't you allow "Gang" sheets on the 15¢ transfer deal?      
Our 15¢ & 20¢ transfer programs only allow ONE IMAGE per sheet to allow efficient and quick turn printing. We are able to offer this at a very low price only by adhering to this strict policy.  Please do not attempt to place a gang sheet order using this program.  If you need more explanation of what a gang sheet is, please click here to learn more!      
Can I change ink colors within the same order?      
Many customers ask, "can I print half of my order in one color and then swap one color out out for the remainder?"  We do not offer a "color change" due to the way we manufacture our custom transfers.  If you have a design which you want to print in two different color ways, simply save your artwork to "My Saved Files" after you place the first order.  Then press continue shopping and repeat the order and select a different ink color.       
Teflon Bonnets & Teflon Sheets - Can I use them with 613 Transfers?      
We do not recommend using Teflon Bonnets or Teflon sheets which are placed on or around the heating platen. Using a Teflon sheet voids any replacement warranty.  Teflon may cause insufficient heat to be applied to the transfer paper.      
What Shipping options are available and how much is it?      
Standard shipping options include UPS (preferred shipper).  We offer standard UPS Ground, 3 Day select, 2nd Day Air, UPS Next Day Air.  Prices are calculated just before checkout and are based on weight and shipping Zone.      
Can I submit my order on the phone or place it using my mobile device?      
We do not accept phone orders.  All orders must be submitted via our online digital storefront.  Mobil devices may not be compatible with our online storefront.  We suggest using a desktop computer.      
I'm a Local Customer, Can I pick my order up at the Mahwah, NJ factory?      
Yes, we offer a local pick up option.  Orders placed for pick up are ready for pick up on the next business day.  Please click here to Learn More!      
 Will ship to countries other than the United States?      
No.  At this time we are not accepting new customers outside of the United States.      
Do I pay a set up fee each time I place an order for the 15¢, 2 Color or Unlimited Color single image order programs?      
Yes. We screen print your transfer orders. The set up fees cover the cost to reclaim and wash out the screens during the manufacturing process.  Please be sure to think about the quantities you need before placing your orders.  Its always a good idea to order a few extra prints.      
Are metallic inks the same as Glitter or Foil transfers?      
No, metallic inks have small flakes of metal which can be seen in direct sunlight.  The metallic particles are much finer than glitter flakes.  Foils transfers are made using an entirely different printing technique. Foils use a 2-step process and are very shiny. Foil transfers tend to be less durable than a plastisol screen-printed transfer.      
How many transfers can I fit on a "gang" sheet?       
We offer (4) different sheet sizes with our "gang" sheet programs.  To determine your best option, start by answering the first question of how many total transfers do I need?  Then determine if you have more than one design, are the colors compatible (spot color only).  Next determine the size of each artwork.  Once you have this information, begin placing the artwork on one of the (4) sheet options. You can determine your piece price by dividing the total number of pieces on the sheet by the cost per sheet.  Learn more about gang sheets here!      
I have a problem with my order, who should I contact?      

If you have any issue with your transfer order, please contact our support department via email.  Please include photos of the issue along with your company name, order number and nature of the issue.  Email the issue to


Are all 613 Original custom transfers made to Hot Peel?


Yes, currently Varsity, Vintage, Classic and Nylon formula transfers are all designed to peel hot!  Temperatures for each product may vary.  Please check the application instructions before you print your fabric.


Will all ink colors be opaque when printed on dark fabric colors?


Our plastisol inks are formulated to be opaque on nearly all fabric colors. Some colors such as Yellow C, Bright Orange 021c and Pink 1905c may show some fabric "bleed" depending on the fabric weave. If this is a concern you should consider a 2 color printing option.


Where do I register to open a New Account?


 Simply click on the New user? - Register button located just below the login screen. 


Can Stock numbers be returned?


Stock numbers may only be returned with prior written authorization.  A 20% restocking fee will apply. No returns are permitted after 30 days from original purchase.








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