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Making Care Labels - For T-Shirts

So you’re trying everything to get your customers to come back the next time they need to reorder custom t-shirts? Maybe your customers need a subtle reminder. It could be they simply could not remember who they placed their last order with, or possible the person who placed the order with you is no longer with the company. The solution for this may be as easy as making care labels with your own company name in the tag. This is also known as a tagless care label.

Download a 3"x3" 100% Cotton Label Template here!

Download a 2.5" x 2.5" 100% Cotton Label Template here!

Download a 3" x 3" 50/50 Cotton/Poly Label Template here!

Download a 2.5" x 2.5" 50/50 Cotton/Poly Label Template here!


There are several advantages of making care labels for T-shirts

  • Order small quantities
  • Print on demand when you are ready to print
  • Apply using a commercial heat press machine
  • Use the same inks as your local screen printer
  • Long Shelf life when stored properly
  • Can be formulated with lower application temperature
  • Are economical to produce
  • No Mess application with no screens to clean
  • Fast easy printing application as little as 7 seconds per shirt

When choosing artwork for making care labels, it is important to follow a few simple steps. Remember, you want your customers to quickly look at the tag and see where they last purchased their order. Be sure to make your logo large enough and easy to read. You may even want to include your phone number or your website just below your logo. If you are using blank shirts that already have a care label which may be sewn on to the shirt, you must be sure you follow the FTC Label Guidelines before you cut it out and replace it with your own tag.

Sourcing the right T-shirts

Many garment manufacturers have made it a little easier to “tear out” their labels and replace with your own tagless label. You probably won’t find wholesale tagless t-shirts, but you can find manufacturers who can provide an easy tear away label.

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Several manufacturers such as Alstyle Apparel, Alternative Apparel and Next Level Apparel offer many of their styles with the “easy tear away” labels. Once you have a source for your t-shirts with the tear away labels, you need to find a custom heat transfer manufacturer who can provide a high quality transfer. When considering the tagless label, you should check the artwork guidelines from the transfer manufacturer. Many other transfer companies do not have the capabilities or offer a truly custom transfer which allows you to print 1 point or less. When creating your artwork for your care label, some of the text will most likely be less than 1 point line weight thickness. Companies such as offer a custom tagless label which can hold details less than 1 point.

How to order

Ordering custom heat transfers from is easy. Simply navigate to the tagless heat transfer tab and review the product information.

Email us your order or artwork for a quote at or call us at (201) 316.1919 and we will be glad to help you place your order or help you estimate the cost.

How to apply

To apply your Wholesale T Shirt Transfers you will need a commercial heat press which can provide at least 50 lbs of pressure and at least 375° F of heat. Many Cheap heat press machines will not work if they can not provide the minimum amount of pressure and heat. The application process with a heat press machine is slightly different depending on the Plastisol transfer formula you choose.

To apply Varsity Formula Spot Color plastisol transfers the application is

  • Temperature 325°F (less for tote bags)
  • Dwell time - 7 to 10 seconds
  • Pressure - 50 to 60 PSI
  • Peel immediately after raising heat platen

To apply Unlimited color Varsity heat transfers the application for T-shirts is

  • Temperature 325°F
  • Dwell time 07 seconds
  • Pressure 50 PSI to 60 PSI
  • Peel immediately after raising heat platen

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