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How to Wash your Heat Pressed Garments

Six Thirteen Originals offers many heat transfer formulas which can be machine washed when properly applied with a commercial heat press machine.

Our transfers are printed with Plastisol inks which are screen printed on to a special release paper. It’s important to understand that when applying the transfer it is critical the application instructions are followed exactly.

Important factors include:

  • Dwell Time
  • Application Temperature
  • Machine Pressure

Once you apply your transfer with the correct time, temperature and pressure, we recommend you Do Not Wash your garment for at least 24 - 48 hours. This allows the ink to completely bond and cure before any laundry detergents break down the ink.

We recommend you machine wash your garment, inside out in cold water and hang to dry. If you absolutely insist on using a dryer, tumble dry on very low temperatures for no more than 10 minutes, then hang-to-dry. Do not iron on any ink print! Drying a printed shirt for too long, or using moisture control sensors, or keeping dryer temperatures too high will cause the ink to breakdown. This has nothing to do with the printing process, but everything to do with how the temperature effects on cured ink!!

  • Hang Dry (preferred), or Tumble Dry Low Heat
  • Do not use Chlorine Bleach
  • Do not Iron over the decoration

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