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Which Formula is right for my Fabric?

We do our best at Six Thirteen Originals to make it simple to find the right transfer product for your fabric type. Our website breaks down each of our ink formulas by fabric type.

Varsity Formula

Our Varsity formula screen printed custom heat transfers are designed to work on most 100% Polyester fabrics. This product features a low melt ink additive which allows the transfer to be applied lower than the standard hot peel transfers. The additive also blocks the fabric dye from “bleeding” into the ink allowing your ink to be bright and opaque on any color.

Varsity screen print transfers are our most versatile product because it can not only apply to 100% Polyester fabric, it can also go on 100% Cotton, 50/50 Blends or Tri-Blend fabrics. We recommend you confirm your fabric type before pressing.

Our Varsity screen print transfer formula is available in our 15¢ single image offer as well as 1 to 3 spot color gang sheets. If you need more than (3) colors, you can also purchase Varsity Formula with Unlimited Colors with our single image or our gang sheet program.

What types of items can you print with Varsity Formula?

  • Moisture wicking shirts
  • Polyester tote bags
  • Canvas tote bag
  • 100% Polyester T Shirts
  • 100% Cotton T Shirts
  • 50/50 T Shirts
  • Can Wraps
  • Polyester Flags

Varsity Formula

Stretch Formula

Our Stretch screen print formula heat transfers allow you to print on many performance fabrics including Lycra ® or Spandex ®. You will want to use stretch formula when you have a large logo placed on your garment which may get pulled or stretched when being used. Our Stretch formula is available in a Single Image (1) color custom transfer as well as 1 to 3 spot color gang sheets. What types of items are suggested to print with Stretch Formula transfers?

  • Bicycle Clothing
  • Swimwear
  • Sports Bras
  • Yoga Pants
  • Compressions Shirts

Stretch Formula

Nylon Formula

Our Nylon screen print formula custom heat transfers are designed only to use with uncoated nylon fabric. The formula has a low melt adhesive which applies quick and easily to 100% Nylon fabrics. Nylon can scorch easily so we recommend you confirm with your supplier.

What types of items can I print with Nylon Formula?

  • Umbrellas (non coated)
  • Nylon Flags
  • Jackets (uncoated)
  • Tote Bags
  • Jerseys (100% Nylon)

Nylon Formula

Classic Formula

Our Classic screen print formula heat transfers essentially are screen printed with plastisol ink. There are no additives which can give you a softer feel as compared to our Varsity formula. Classic formula transfers are not recommended for customers who do not have the ability to print with higher pressure settings on their heat press machines. Through many tests, we have discovered that a minimum pressure of 60 PSI (pounds per square inch) is necessary to get a proper application.

We recommend using Hix Heat Press machines or an American made equivalent manufacturer for this product!

What can I print with Classic Formula?

  • 100% Cotton T Shirts
  • 50/50 Cotton / Poly T Shirts

Classic Formula (Unlimited Color)


Vintage Formula

Our Vintage ink formula is designed to give you a soft feel vs any other ink formula. This formula is intended for 100% cotton or 50/50 blends. The inks are less opaque than other formulas, meaning you will see some fabric color coming your logo or artwork. Although we illustrate examples with a "distressed" look, we recommend you follow our minimum art specifications for best results. 

What can I print using Vintage Formula?

• 100% Cotton Jersey Knit T-Shirt Fabric

• 50/50 Cotton/Poly Jersey Knit Fabric



(photo above Vintage Formula)


Non Woven - Polypropylene Formula

Our Non Woven - Polypropylene screen print formula works on many items which are not intended on being washed. The product is designed to work on PET and Non Woven grocery totes. It can print on other promotional items which need a low temperature application. We offer this product in both spot colors (1 to 3 colors) as well as Unlimited Color (CMYK).

What can I print using the Non-Woven Polypro Formula?

  • Grocery Totes (non woven / PET)
  • Can Koozies
  • Ball Caps (non woven)
  • Note Pads (non woven)
  • Paper Bags

(photo above -Non Woven - Polypropylene Formula)

613 Originals - Transfer Product Comparison Chart

How to use this chart

  1. Locate your fabric type first. Example 100% polyester
  2. Then see which of our products will work on the fabric.
  3. Note. Not all ink colors will work on every fabric type due to opacity issues.


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