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How to order custom team names

Watch our YouTube How to Order custom team names by Clicking Here!

Go to and click on the "Names & Numbers" drop-down menu.


Scroll down to the Names "Order Now" button.



Next, click on either the 2" order template or the 3" order template and right click or click the download button in browser.  Save it to your desktop or download folder.


Now that you have the order template saved, you can begin to add your (8) names. Our minimum order is (8).  They can be all different or any combination. The red line indicates where we will compress your letters that have more than (9) characters. The max width is 12.5".




Now that you have entered your (8) names on the order form, click on the "Save" or "Save as" from your Acrobat or Apple Preview application.  You are now ready to upload and place your order.


Click on the "Account" button and log in to your account.  *Note: you must be registered to log in



Click on "Names and Numbers" on the main menu and then select "Stock Names"



Now, click on the 2" Names - Straight.  (in this example). 



It's now time to add the custom name order form template you have saved to your desktop. Simply click on the "Add Files" button and upload your first order form. You will have the option to save the file for future orders. Be sure you name the file for easy reference.



Enter your Job Description and select your ink color. The system defaults to a quantity of 8 names. The total price will display in the lower left side.



Once you add your order to the cart, you will be taken to the "Proceed to Checkout" screen.  At this point, you can continue shopping and add your next name order or checkout and complete the order process.



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