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How to order using our Digital Storefront

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Begin by Clicking on the “Account” button

Go to and click on Account located on the upper right corner of the menu bar.  

Once you Click on Account, you will need to Register or Login.

If you have not registered, click on the New User? - "Register".  You will then fill out your customer information including Company, Name, Address, Email and Phone. After you register, you can begin to place your first order.

Now that you have Registered, you can select from the Product menu located on the left side of the screen.  For this example we will select our Varsity formula.



Once you click on the Varsity Product, you will see 1 Color, 2 Color 3 Color and Full Color options. Click on the 1 Color option.

Once you click on the 1 Color button, you will see several paper sizing options including our 15¢ & 20¢ Single Image option as well as options which allow you to use “Gang” sheets for multiple images on the same sheet.

Click on “Single Image Size” option either 9”x12.75” for 15¢ transfers or the 12”x12” size for 20¢ transfer options.  Gang sheet options are available at a higher price per sheet.

Once your on the 15¢ option shown above, start by clicking on the Add Files Button. Your artwork should be sized at the size you want the transfer to print BEFORE YOU UPLOAD your file. Our software will not allow you to resize your art file, so it’s very important that you know your print size before placing your order.

If you think you may place a reorder of the job, you can click on the “Save to my Files” button.  We will save your file for up to 6 months to allow you to place a reorder at anytime.

Enter your Job Description, Quantity, Select “Standard Preflight” if you want us to check your artwork for line weights and confirm your artwork meets our art spec.  

Finally, select the ink color you wish to print. Note, if you want us to print white ink, you can upload the files as black so you can see it in our preview screen. Then select white as your ink color.  The other option is to create a colored background layer and then place your “white” colored artwork on top of the colored artboard.

To verify you have everything you can roll over the “Total Price” to confirm your quantity and price totals are correct.

Once you click the “Add to Cart” button located on the lower right corner, you will be taken to the Cart Review Screen.  At this point, you can edit your quantity if needed. You can either select “Continue Shopping” to enter another order, or if your finished, you can click on “Proceed to Checkout”.

Now you will need to enter your shipping method.  You can create multiple shipping addresses in the address book.  Fill out the shipping information and then click “Proceed to Payment”.


Final Step, you can click on the “Continue Shopping” button if you have more orders to place, or you can click on “Place my Order” and enter your payment information to complete the order and check out!


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